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Recent updates

Unincorporated Version 0.6
This is a quick update with mostly minor text edits, and a couple of small rule tweaks for using tokens. When you spend a token to help another PC, now the help...
3 files — 0.6
Double Announcement
Two things coming up in the next few days: New Setting! A new setting/scenario playset, Vigil Creek Nature Preserve , will be available tomorrow. Inspired by my...
Minor ebook repairs
Turns out that, if viewed on anything other than Calibre’s ereader, the example character journals showed up as a jumbled mess. That’s fixed now...
2 files — 0.5.1
Update 0.5
Unincorporated version 0.5 is available now! This should be the final playtest version. It’s also the first with a minimum price. $2 is only a slightly less-g...
3 files — 0.5
Version 0.4
Version 0.4 is up! It includes a couple of rule changes, including more ways you can get and spend tokens, and sections on playing multi-session campaigns and c...
3 files — 0.4
June Update
It’s been a while, huh? Time flies when you’re.. uh.. working from home and also doing everything else from home. But time is also meaningless, so maybe it...
Updated Character Sheet / Reference for online play
I’ve made use of Gerrit’s hard work and added a dice roller tool to the Google Sheet version of the character keeper / reference sheet. It’s not the most...
1 file
Version 0.3.1
Made a small but important change to the token rules, thanks to some helpful playtesters: Now you can use tokens to change another player’s dice result, even...
6 files — 0.3.1

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