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Recent updates

Version 0.4
Version 0.4 is up! It includes a couple of rule changes, including more ways you can get and spend tokens, and sections on playing multi-session campaigns and c...
3 files — 0.4
June Update
It’s been a while, huh? Time flies when you’re.. uh.. working from home and also doing everything else from home. But time is also meaningless, so maybe it...
Updated Character Sheet / Reference for online play
I’ve made use of Gerrit’s hard work and added a dice roller tool to the Google Sheet version of the character keeper / reference sheet. It’s not the most...
1 file
Version 0.3.1
Made a small but important change to the token rules, thanks to some helpful playtesters: Now you can use tokens to change another player’s dice result, even...
6 files — 0.3.1
Unincorporated, version 0.3
Just updated my weird little GMless game about small-town drama and shaking off your outdated reputation to better meet your wedding-crashing, dog-napping, vehi...
6 files — 0.3
Some ebook improvements
Some of the internal links in the ebook files were broken in the conversion process, and the files were much bigger than they needed to be. Turns out they had e...
2 files — 0.2a
Google Drive version caught up to the others
I’ve updated the Google Drive version, both text and reference sheet, to version 0.2. Links are in the downloads section; just make a copy in your own Drive s...
Unincorporated version 0.2
Here’s a shiny new update! I’ve tweaked the rules, based on some playtests. You now start with 1 token instead of 0 The stat you use is based on its effect...
4 files — 0.2

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