Unincorporated version 0.2

Here’s a shiny new update! I’ve tweaked the rules, based on some playtests.

  • You now start with 1 token instead of 0
  • The stat you use is based on its effect on your reputation first, with the general categories as a fallback.
  • If your PC’s story seems to be resolved and you don’t have much to do, you can pick up one of the NPCs (now called secondary characters) and make them your PC.
  • If it’s your turn to frame a scene, you don’t have to play your PC; you can instead set up a scene for other PCs if you’re more interested in that.
  • Clarified that, on a failed roll with another PC as the target, the other player decides the outcome no matter what the action was. It doesn’t have to be direct conflict.

I’ve also added a few more examples to the lists, mostly inspired by playtesters’ ideas.

And speaking of playtests, here’s a video for one in October:


(Edited because I guess I can’t spell the title of my own game after midnight!)


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