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Weird Little Town is an alternate setting playbook for Unincorporated, inspired by Welcome to Night Vale, Hot Fuzz, The Wicker Man, and other stories of towns with dark secrets and bizarre conspiracies barely concealed from the hapless outsiders who stumble into them.

You are not an outsider. You know strange things are happening just below your town's quaint surface. You take the danger and weirdness for granted. But how much do you really know? How much horror are you willing to accept just to keep the peace? And, in a place like this, can you ever trust anyone, even yourself?

Weird Little Town adds surreal horror and mystery to your setting with new sets of creepy, absurd, and just plain weird Questions, Plots, and examples. Use them in place of the original game options, or combine them. Includes an unlabeled map with lots of empty space to fill in details during the setup.

It's available as a colorful PDF for your screen, a less colorful PDF for your printer, and an online play kit with a Gauntlet-style character keeper in a Google Sheet and an unlabeled map to use in whichever app you prefer. The Google Sheet includes an overview of the basic rules for Unincorporated, but you'll probably still need the original rules booklet in one form or another.

Be weird and have fun!


© 2020 by Bethany Harvey. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Cover image adapted from art by Pixel_perfect on Pixabay.

Thanks to Audrey Abell, Adam Poppenheimer, Raji Purcell, CJ Sands, and Steve for their suggestions!

Actual Plays

Want to see the setting in play? Check out these actual play videos on Youtube:


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